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Travel Alone and Love It: The Ultimate Guide - Solo Traveler
Travel Alone and Love It: The Ultimate Guide – Solo Traveler

Travelling can cause someone to be excited and as well led to frustration too especially, when the trip seems so bored, lonely and uncomfortable.

Especially, when having a trip to a very far distance, there is every probability to get bored during the process thereby making you stressed out.

At first, there is always a joy when you are finally free to go visit your friends or family that leaves probably in a country that is very far away from you.

Thinking about how bored and stressful the journey may probably be enough to died down your initial felt joy.


The essence of traveling is to get more experience, it is an art therefore, it is very important for you to experience this essence in a more lively and comfortable way.

Specifically, lone travelers are often a victim of boredom when traveling as they travel without a companion.


In a case where the trip last for a long time, weeks or even months, there will surely be at some point where you will be extremely bored and pray to reach your destination asap.

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My 25 Best Travel Tips After 10 Years of Traveling the World
My 25 Best Travel Tips After 10 Years of Traveling the World

Tips to makeing Your trip lively


In order to avoid getting bored or not exploring the essence of travelling due to boredom, we have listed seven important tips that will serve as shield against boredom when you travel.
They are as folow:

Relate with people and make a new friend

This is not just for people who travel alone but for those who travelled with companions.

Making a new friends while on a trip can light up your mood and kill boredom as the met new friend(s) will surely have a lot to discuss with you which will definitely keep u alive.

While choosing a friends to make in your trip, carefully choose the one that understand your language in order for you guys to have a free, flow and steady conversation.

Keep yourself entertain

As you prepare to make a lone trip, always make available, electronic gadgets such as phone, ipads etc to get yourself busy with loads of entertaining activities that you preferred.

With your phone or ipad, you will be able to stream your favorite show or have a copy of your favorite book which will keep you busy and lively as the trip goes on.

Take a nap.

Nap is another way to avoid bored or trip. So long you aren’t the driver, pilot or captain that’s anchoring the journey, ensure to comfortably make yourself free and take a sounding nap.

The nap will make the journey less bored and less long as especially when the nap was taken for long. It will also rejuvenate the body system and make you stronger whenever you wake up.

Take along, a novel or book

A novel or book is another way to eliminate boredom from a lone trip. You can bring at least, 2 – 3 books or novel that you have not read before
These books should contain contents that interest you so that you won’t get tired of reading it.

Have fun with a game.

Funny right! Game is not for children alone as adult are also part of those that they are meant for. With your phone or ipad, you can get hold or rather download any game that you like.

Play it through to your satisfaction as the journey went on. This will make you so busy and entertained.

Ensure your electronic gadgets are fully charged

Before embarking on any journey, always make sure that all your gadgets are fully charged as you will need them to keep yourself alive in the journey.

Its advisable for you to take along an alternative means of powering or adding more power to them. This will make the gadget to last for a long time as you use them.

Conclusively, traveling alone mustn’t be a nightmare with excessive loneliness and boredom. While have a fun and less bored trip is something you can do all by yourself just by doing what interest you most in the trip.

When you have realized how interesting, important and fun traveling is, you will surely be hoping to do it more often.