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Redefining Career Success | AIChE
Redefining Career Success | AIChE

Achieving a fulfilling career in life is a milestone that is achieved after passing through lots of stages with abrupt carefulness.

However, having a successful career have different meaning to people as humans varies in their thoughts, desires and objectives.

Although, everyone always dream of been successful in the career in which they enjoy what they do and also make avail the lifestyle that best fit them.

Unfortunately, majority of us have to settle for a lesser career fulfillment due to lack of consistency or persistence in following up our plan.

Building a fulfilling career relied on self determination and perceived source of enjoyment whilst as well taking into consideration an individual pride/ego that set the limit of his or her tolerance.

Probably, the major reason for one to be successful in his career is to be distinctive and unique among others and also command some certain respect from people.

Being successful in your carrier offer a feeling of accomplishment and achievement as you were able to meet all your targeted goals.

To be successful in your career, there must a total improvement in all aspect of your professional activities.

It is necessary to always make an avenue for upliftment, advancement and development in other attain the goal of being successful.

What does career fulfillment means?

Achieving a successful career denote achieving something different.

Something unique from what other has. To some people, successful career is that that provide enjoyment.

Some perceived career fulfillment as freedom. While some also see successful career as that that provide financial sustenance.

Whichever way anyone perceived fulfilled career as, there is always steps or rather stages one must undergo to achieve it in life.

7 ways to achieve a successful carrier

10 Ways To Set Yourself Up For Career Success
10 Ways To Set Yourself Up For Career Success

Having a successful career relies largely on individual control. You decide your achievement and pledge loyalty to your plans which is made to achieve it.

In support of your aim targeted at achieving a blissful career, we have enumerated 7 must follow steps that will not just guide you to success but also ensure you keep soaring higher after the achievement of your target.


This serve as the foundation of building a fulfilled career. In fact, it is the most important steps in choosing a career.

Select a profession that you will derive joy and pleasure from when doing it not a career that you have to force yourself on.

Figure out what you like and what you dislike, what you can do for a long time without getting tired and what you can keep consistent.

What is the underneath behind your quest to success? Is your decision to achieve fulfilled career spur out due to your desire to have much money or you just want to be successful for fame and popularity?

These are some critical decision you need to make and afterward, venture on the career that encompases all that matches your lifestyle


This is where your mindset works. Take control of any decisions that concerned your life, target and career.

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Don’t blame anyone for a failed decision but rather, learn from the mistake and use it to amend your future to avoid replicating the mistakes again.


Here is another critical checklist. The way your picture yourself before anyone have a great impact in your achieving a successful career. Don’t feel inferior to anyone but rather always raise your standard before anyone.


Achieving a successful career will be done easily if there is a bonding between the seeker of fulfillment with those that have already succeeded in the sphere already.

Bonding and networking makes way for accomplishment as it brings in opportunities that are crucial to achieving your aims.


Being positive also has impact in producing positive result while negative thought in chasing a fulfilled career are devlish thoughts that are mastermind by the devil to forestall one’s progress.

Negative thought often lead to dead career. It often make a challenges impossible to win while positive and hopefulness gives hope and the right energy to overcome any challenges.


Achieving a successful career doesn’t come easily. You must be willing to give your all whilst struggling to achieve it.

Give no chance to your mind to think of giving up irrespective of the hardship and stress you are going through.

Whichever position you find yourself whilst pursuing greatness in your career, there is always option for you to make changes. The option is yourself.


Always keep memories of your history as you embark on the journey of career fulfillment. Whatever that you do that contributed positively or negatively in your process should be kept to serve as a future guide

While actions that provide positive results must be kept and rebranded to achieve a better outcome, failed action should be re-evaluated, reviewed and re-planned in other to avoid negative results afterward


Building a fulfilled career takes time, resilience, persistence, consistency, and effort couple with lots of hard work.

You must be ready to sacrifice your leisure time and relocate from your comfort arena if you actually want to be successful in your career or entire life.

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