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UEFA Champions League match report Barcelona v Bayern Munich
UEFA Champions League match report Barcelona v Bayern Munich

Barca begin their new season champions league campaign with a humiliating defeat to Bayern munich right at camp nou.

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The visiting team Bayern did not just look better to win the game but also dominate the game all through 90 minute forcing the home team to accept their inferiority to them and thereby went on to trash them with 3 goals to nothing.

First half review

As the game kicked off in first half, barca had tried to maintain a good vibe and thereby competing with Bayern edge to edge in the pitch. Barcelona at that moment impressed their fans as they were seemingly playing with all determination to avoid a catastrophic defeat.

This has led to non of the team to even make possible charge towards goals talk more creating a danger in the first 16 minutes

As time passed on, unfortuneately, Bayern began their dominance and slowly enforcing their superiority over Barcelona thereby forcing them to go deeper.

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Bayern munich at this time kept barca at their half and gave them no space to breath thereby resulting to several chances gotten by the visiting team.
The blaugrana players had to make effort to defend shots upon shots from the visiting specifically, pique and araujo who were so active in making crucial tackles that prevent Bayern from scoring.

Despite this efforts from Barcelona players, Bayern was able to get hold of a goal few minutes before the second half as Thomas muller shot was deflected by eric garcia’s which made it impossible for andre ter stegen to save thereby leading to the first goal.

The last 13 minutes of the game was fully controlled and dominated by Bayern munich and the Barcelona team had to resort to all defend pattern.

Throughout the first half of the play, barca were unable to breakthrough Bayern defense to register a reasonale shots but rather had to pack the bus in their own defense line to avoid further damage.

However, the damage which was so prevented by barcelona’s team were still felt as the visiting team resume the second half with utmost ferocity.

Second half review

The second half of the game was so heartbreaking to watch as a barca fan as the player’s played without a clue despite having a break to readjust their game and probably, bounce back to make their mark on the pitch.

Instead of making an effort to equalize, the home team were even pressurized more and kept at their peril totally.

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As the pressure increases, so as the goal keep coming as such, the second goal was scored by Robert lewandwoski as he tap in a pull out to make the count 2-0 in just nine minutes that the second half began.

Through out the whole of the game, Bayern kept the ball rolling while barca couldn’t help but to accept their faith as weak against Bayern as they (Barça) keep on playing like a relegation candidate trying to avoid embarrassment at home.

From the way Barcelona played, it was very clear that a goal for them is very not possible as Bayern never relented on their dominance.

However, the third goal came in which was scored by lewandowski again in the 85 minute thereby extending his numbers of goal during the match to two and makes the count 3 – 0

The merciful final whistle was blown which came as a saving grace to the Barcelona team.

Bayern dominance throughout that match is just too compelling which led to many to believe that similar night of this nature will happen more and more unless Barcelona made a very critical changes to their team.

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