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8 Business Travel Tips to Make Your Life Easier - Tasteful Space
8 Business Travel Tips to Make Your Life Easier – Tasteful Space


Travelling as a result of business assignment is a far more complicated than any one can see.

But recently people have begun to realize that there should process to be followed if one is to have a friendly and easy trip.

It is well known fact that workers who travel for business assignment too much are sometime not comfortable with.

In vary ways, it often get tougher so therefore, there need to deduce some strategy to ease workers out of this stress.

I personally have been travelling for work for over 5 years. During these time, I like to think that I’ve learned new things and some ways to survive.

According to survey in 2017 about employee travelling conveneincy, it is found that only 34 percent of workers love traveling, an additional 36 percent say they usually done it to enhance their carrier while the rest admit not to enjoy it at all.


The reason why so majority dislike travelling vary from different reason. For instance, lack of proper rest such as sleep, incompatibility with the location’s weather and inability to have fun the with the location’s meal.

Not all these reason can be totally eradicated but employees who are bond to travel can make some moves to ensure a healthy and joyous travelling.

When travelling for business reason is not clouded with happiness, basically the purpose for the travelling is half lost or gone.

Should travelling worker just bear the pain and grind on?


Absolutely no. according to one study, happy employees are 15% more productive than unhappy ones. Travelling help improve one skills and increase your employability to other companies.

Therefore, ensuring you stay happy as you travelled will help you achieve your target on landing a big contract.

Thankfully, there are many available step to manage work life balance.

Enlisted here are just a couple of some.

Below are ways to make a businesstravelling fun.

Make time digital connection:
Apps like zoom, skype or even face time are emerging most used and increasingly common and accessible to many.

If you are not certain on how to use them, hire a tech minded worker or even a friend to help you get acquinted to them.

This apps will help you get connected to your family or even friend whenever you feel like.

Avoid using your weekend or days off as your travelling date:
however, it seems not everyone have a say on whether are actually going to embark on a business trip.

This make it difficult for them to exclude weekend from the business trip. Nevetherless, if you are opportune to choose your work travel date, try your best not to include weekend so as to have the full rest during the weekend and fix enough time for you to spend with your family.

Additionally, avoid checking your official work emails or any other communication means that link you with your work during the weekend. Spend the free time fully with you friends and family.

Arrange a small snack pack of healthy and delicious items to eat:
Many flights do offer in-flight snack but the nutritional content of these snack isn’t extraordinary.

Instead, arrange your personal selection of snack whilst travelling. Involve the idea of health practitioner to know the best snack to pack.

Drink packets that add flavor and water to the immune system to ensure the boosting of the body vitamins. This will make you alright through out the journey.

Monitor you expenses:
Tracking you expenses whilst travelling can help you save lot of time, money and stress.

Its arguably easy to do but not everyone is doing it. Majority of workers travelling don’t track their expenses. Make use of the your debit card or make sure your expenses receipt are safely kept.

Make use of hotel amenities maximumly.:
Many hotels offer their best to cater for travelling employee.

Some often provide a continental meal or have a well packaged gym. Whatever amenties available in that hotel, do your best to make you of them.

Meeting your routine target is as important as taking proper care of your health.

Make use of quiet moment and complete many task:
Travelling can be stressful sometime and most time maybe spend in a noisy place like airport, finding your destination etc.

However, you can make use of any quiet moment like when preparing for meetings or waiting at your gate. Traveling offers people the chance to learn new language.

Have two of every:
As travelling occurs, ensure you went along with double of everything that are necessary and important to you.

for instance, if you are not given works credit card to use, do your best to go along with two so as to not be left stranded in case of lost any.

Make pre plan ahead of your trip:
make a depth research about where you are to go in other to know where you need to go, how comfortable the location will be and your preferred airport that will be convenience for your travelling.

You can also research closeby restaurants where you can make some shopping.

Inclusively, ensure you PC laptop battery is fully charged and have acess to all the document needed by you.