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Despite the flexibility in using Gmail to carry out any digital activities such as sending and receiving of mail, storing of personal data in the platform and lots more, there might be a point where one would want stop using this giant digital platform

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Deleting a Gmail account is always permanent and it does not give ultimatum before it totally delete a user’s account.

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By deleting your Gmail account, you will lose all your mails and all other document in the platform and also, no one will be opportune to use your lost document or profile in the nearest future.

How to delete Gmail account permanently in 2021

How To Delete Gmail Account Permanently on Android Phone [October 2021]
How To Delete Gmail Account Permanently on Android Phone [October 2021]
  • Step 1: Log in to your Gmail account
  • Step 2: Click the three lined icon located at the upper right corner and select data & privacy section of your Google account
  • Step 3: Select more option > delete your Google account
  • Step 4: Follow prompt the instructions that follow suits to successfully delete your account

What is the result of deleting Gmail account

By deleting your Gmail account, you stand to;

  1. Lose all the data, information and contents such as files, calendars, photos etc in that account
  2. You will not have the access to use Google services where you used the deleted Gmail account to sign in
  3. You will not be able to access any subscription or online purchase you did with the account on Youtube or Google play

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