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How To Permanently Delete Your Snapchat Account
How To Permanently Delete Your Snapchat Account

Ever since its emergence, Snapchat has become one of the most widely used social media network app around the globe

With its unique pattern in sharing both videos and pictures within among friends with different features that makes the picture or video content look amazing.

Snapchat also allow it users to send and receive vanishing photo that is; a short shot picture or video for a particular period of time to their friends in no time.

However, despite these amazing features of Snapchat that makes it look amazing and interesting to it users, there might be a time any of its user would want to close down their presence in the social media app with one reason or another.

Therefore, in this article, we shall show you the way to permanently eliminate your snapshot account both on personal computer (window) and mobile phones (Android and Iphone)

How to permanently delete Snapchat account using Pc

How to Delete a Snapchat Account
How to Delete a Snapchat Account

Probably, you might have lost all your friends in your snapshot roll or maybe doe not find the social media app interesting to you and so on.

You may feel like spending more time on another thing and with snapshot in your phone, it will be difficult for you to do so.

Whichever the reason may be, here is a detailed guide on how to delete or rather eliminate your Snapchat account totally from the platform.

Steps to delete Snapchat account permanently on pc

  • Step one: log in to your account through url
  • Step two: enter your Snapchat username and password
  • Step three: verify yourself not to be a robot by ticking the box right after the password box
  • Step four: tap the log in button and wait for some seconds for your Snapchat account load
  • Step five: manage my account option shall load after clicking the log in button. From the option brought out, click delete my account
  • Step 6: delete account page shall including all the instruction and guidelines you may need in the future to reactivate your account again
  • Step 7: fill in your name and password again to ascertain that you actually want to delete you account and click continue.
  • Step 8: a consolation and goodbye message from Snapchat community shall pop out to mourn your departure
  • Step 9: a verification link shall be sent to the email you used to register your Snapchat account for you to verify if you truly want to go ahead with your action.
  • Step 10: by clicking the link, your account will then be temporarily deleted for about 30 days before it will be totally deleted from the platform.

Note: snapshap do give 30 days ultimatum for it users to review their decision to delete their account.

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Once the 30 days elapse and there is no change of decision, the account will be gone forever.

How to delete Snapchat account in android or iPhone

Before moving to delete your Snapchat account in any mobile phone, ensure to have the app installed in the phone first.

Unlike how steps to delete Snapchat on desktop looks easy and straight forwards, to delete a Snapchat account on mobile phone, the steps are kind of complicated

Steps to delete Snapchat account permanently on mobile phones

Note: before then, it quite necessary to know that as at now, there is no direct link in Snapchat that will lead to your account deletion or deactivation.

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To delete you Snapchat account then using mobile phone, you will be redirected to the browser account portal section, then from there, you will now be able to delete your account.

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Steps to delete Snapchat permanently using mobile phone

  • Step 1: Start up the snapcaht app and log in
  • Step 2: Click on profile icon at the top left corner
  • Step 3: On the profile section, tap on the setting icon located at the right top corner.
  • Step 4: Go to support section and click on “I need help”
  • Step 5: When the help section box appeared, typed delete my account in the space provided titled “what can we help you”
  • Step 6: From the feedback provided, select “delete my account option”
  • Step 7: All the information containing the guides needed for you to reactivate your account shall pop out for you to read and understand.
  • Step 8: Punch account portal and wait patiently for it to take you Snapchat account page (delete account)
  • Step 9: enter your username and password as required by the system and wait for a goodbye message from Snapchat community
  • Step 10: tap continue after reading their goodbye message.

After hitting the continue option, your account will be deactivated for a period of 30 days and if your decision stands and did not log in back to the account, it will be totally deleted after the 30 days has exhausted.