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Twitter: A guide for parents
Twitter: A guide for parents

Experiencing lots of unreasonable mentions, sub-tweets or even direct message are enough reason for anyone to think of turning their back on any social media platform.

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Twitter been a very large social media community is not an exemption of social media where it users are been subjected to different kind of embarrassment.

Have you been harassed and want to delete your twitter account? Keep calm as we are going to show you how to go about it in a simple steps.

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Before you conclude on deleting your account, you should know that once your data is deleted from twitter system, that is the end to everything you have in that platform.

Your followers, tweet mentions favorites followings etc shall all be gone forever and there is no any other way you could retrieve them back.

Your username will be vacant for any new user who is interested to use it as well.

Steps to delete twitter account permanently

  • Step 1: sign into your twitter account through web browser
  • Step 2: hover to your profile section and click on account setting
  • Step 3: click on deactivate my account at the bottom of the twitter webpage.
  • Step 4: carefully read through the account deactivation information provided before going ahead with your decision.
  • Step 5: after reading the information and you are comfortable with it, tap the deactivate button
  • Step 6: enter your password to verify and that all. Your account shall be deactivated.

For your account to be totally deleted, you have to wait for about 30 days after the deactivation.

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If there is no move from you to re activate your account, twitter will therefore go ahead to delete your account permanently.

Few tips to be safe while using twitter or any other social media platform

  1. Don’t tweet photos from inside or outside your home
  2. Do not mention your house address on any social media
  3. Do not mention any smashed windows or broken alarms in your home
  4. Decline any friend request from people you don’t know
  5. Keep your social media page or profile safe when there is need to
  6. Keep your personal life out of social media and do not publicize you private routine activities.

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