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reset Quora account | How to reset Quora's password
reset Quora account | How to reset Quora's password

Quora is a social media platform established in 2009 to serve as a question and answer medium in an interactive format.

It has become one of the top-ranked question-and-answer platforms in the world as it has the capacity to create a successful marketing base.

It usefulness goes beyond forming a sound marketing base as it can also be used to make a blog popular or website and also serve as a means for driving traffic to a website.

Quora also allows its users to follow one another and notify each user on the latest topic of interest that is been updated in whichever topic they are following.

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Reset Quora Account Archives - LOGINHIT
Reset Quora Account Archives – LOGINHIT

How to reset quora feed

In quora just like other social media platforms, there might be a moment where a users feed or timeline will be flooded with content or topic that are irrelevant and doesn’t match the interest of the user thereby prompting the user to make move to stop it.

However, in other to stop this action, it has become complicated to many.

Therefore, if you are among those that have his or her timeline hoarded with uninteresting or irrelevant topics, we’ve created this article for you to provide guidelines on how to reset your feed and topic and reorganize them to start showing what you are interested in.
Before proceeding to show you how to reset the quora feed or topic, it is very important to make it clear that as at now, there is no specific or automatic way to reset a quora feed.

In order carry out such task on the platform such as reseting your feed to remove irrelevant topic and begin to show relevant ones, we have to implore manual process.

Steps to reset quora feeds, topic and interest

Quora has provided an option for its users to choose or rather select topics that are interested to them within the platform.

Once a user select topic(s), his or her feed shall be updated time to time automatically by quora with information related to these topic choosen by the user.

In some cases, users search history can also impact the topic that will show in one’s timeline.

That is, if you often search for a particular topic, there is every tendency for an updates concerning the topic to show in your timeline even if you are yet to follow it.

That is, once you searched for a topic and you spent time on it probably by reading them, the system automatically thinks you are interested to the topic and hence, start updating you on them them.

Therefore, for an irrelevant information or topic to start showing in any one’s timeline, it maybe as a result of any of the reasons.

In order to reset you feed start showing topics that interest you, follow the steps bellow

Step 1: log in to your quora account and tap quora profile picture from the top bar and tap the username option

Step 2: punch the topic options to access all the topics you are currently following

Step 3: search thorugh the topics carefully and note down the topic(s) you find irrelevant that you may be following

Step 4: once you have identified those topics, hover to the left side of your screen and tap the following option. Once tapped, you have unfollow the said topic.

How to reset Quora Feed,topic and interest,Steps to reset quora feeds,Quora

Repeat the process to unfollow all other topics that you are not okay with.

Step 5: After you are done unfollowing the topics, you can now proceed to the seach area of quora platform.

Step 6: search for any topic you like or that will interest to you

Step 7: from the result provided by the search option, select the most interested topics among others and tap the follow option

You can follow as many as possible in other to have enough interesting topic in your feed.

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After you are done following the topics interested to you and have un-follow those not interested to you, you have to wait for couple of days before these changes will manifest.

Probably after 5 – 7 days you may start to see interesting topics in your feed whilst the un-interesting ones will seize to show or will be reduce to it minimum.

How to reset quora feed to stop showing un-interested topics

In some instance, there might be a situation where your feed will still be showing un-interested topics despite not following nor searching for it.
In this case, the best thing to stop such topic from showing in your feed is to mute the topic.

By muting such topic, you won’t be seeing any of its update anymore in your feed.

Steps to mute topics

Step 1: after you have login successfully to your quora account, hover to your feed section

Step 2: select the particular topic and click on the 3 dotted image.

Step 3: from the option provided after clicking the 3 dots icon, look carefully and select mute.

By selecting the mute option, you have automatically send message to quora system to stop showing you anything related to the muted topic therefore, you will not by notified on the topic you’ve muted and your feed will not receive any information concerning the topic anymore.

Repeat the action several time if there is more than one topic that you want to stop seeing on your feed.

After you’ve successfully carried out this method, your feed shall be reset to start showing topics that are interested to you.

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conclusively, as said earlier, there is no automatic way to reset quora feed, topic or interest.

Should in case you notice any form of topic in your feed again that does not match your interest, do not hesitate to under go this process to get them removed.

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