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Your Phone Is Secretly Always Recording: How to Stop Google From Listening
Your Phone Is Secretly Always Recording: How to Stop Google From Listening

Giving your phone voice commands and having it respond automatically makes things easier and fun, it comes at a major cost in terms of privacy. It simply means that Google must constantly listen to you through your microphone to know when to respond.

If you’re concerned about private conversations held at home or at work being transmitted to a company via the internet, you’re not alone. Fortunately, you still have control over both your Google account and your device. There are various ways to update both to prevent Google from listening to you all the time.


Why Do Google Listen to You

The fact that Google is continuously listening to you might come as a surprise to you and make you feel uncomfortable, Google offers valid reasons for leaving your mobile device’s microphone open.

One of the reasons why Google listens to you is due to the need to listen to you to optimize their natural language processing. Enabling them to understand and recognize voices better.

When you say the words “okay Google,” your phone’s OK Google function must recognize them.
When you ask Google Assistant for assistance, it must identify you.
When you say “Hey Google,” Google Maps should enable speech recognition.
When you say “Hey Google,” Android Auto initiates voice recognition.

These may make listening to you legal, but for many people, it is still too intrusive. When installing specific applications, Google requires you to “accept” active listening. The vast majority of users are unconcerned about the permissions they grant these programs.

What happens to my Google recordings?

By Going through your Google recordings you will discover What Google has listened to. Follow the Steps Below to find out;

1, Make sure you’re signed in to your Google account. Then go into Google My Activity in your browser. From the Web & App Activity area at the bottom of the page, select Manage Activity. After that, select Filter by date and product from the drop-down menu.

2. A filter box with a list of choices will appear. Select the checkbox next to Voice and Audio at the bottom of the page. Apply should be selected.

How to Make Google Stop Listening to You All the Time

There are a few ways to stop Google from listening to you all the time. One way is to completely off active listening in your Google account. In order for this to function, you must trust Google to switch off all listening on all programs.

Disable active listening and erase Google app permissions is the second option. In this How To’s Guide
, you’ll learn about each strategy so you can pick the one that best protects your privacy.


Prevent/Stop Google Assistant from hearing what you’re saying.

Google Assistant is the primary program that listens to you the most. When you say, “OK Google,” this app is ready to answer.

You can turn off the app’s use of your microphone to listen to you all the time.

To do so, take the following steps Below:

1. Go to the Settings menu on your Android device and choose Google.

2. Select Settings for Google Apps from the next menu.

3. Select Search, Assistant, and Voice from the drop-down menu.

4. Select Voice from the next Settings menu.

5. Select Voice Match from the Voice menu.

6. Disable the toggle button to the right of Hey Google on the Voice Match screen.


This will prevent Google Assistant from listening for you to say “Hey Google.” Keep in mind that you’ll have to physically touch the microphone button in the Google Assistant app to perform voice instructions. If privacy is your primary priority, this is a small price to pay.

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How to Stop Android Auto from hearing what you’re saying.

Android Auto is another piece of software that listens for voice commands. You can disable this capability in this app so that the application will not be listening to you continuously.

1. Open Android Auto (the phone screen version) and touch the menu icon.

2. Select Settings from the Android Auto menu.

3. Choose “Hey Google” Detection from the Settings menu.

4. Disable the toggle option to the right of Hey Google in the next settings box.

From now on when you say “Hey Google,” Android Auto will no longer be watching you all the time. Keep in mind that you’ll have to start instructions manually with Android Auto because you won’t be able to start them using your voice.

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Stop Google Maps from eavesdropping on your conversations.

If you haven’t checked the Google Assistant option in the Google Maps app on your phone, Google Maps may be listening for voice instructions. This feature in the Google Maps app can be disabled.

Follow the steps below to stop Google Map from eavesdropping on your Conversation:

1. Open Google Maps on your phone and touch the upper-right profile picture icon to access the Profile menu.

2. Open the Google Maps Settings menu by selecting Settings.

3. Select Google Assistant settings from the following box after tapping Navigation settings.

4. Make sure the toggle to the right of the Driving Mode is deactivated on the Driving Mode screen.

As a result of this option, Google Assistant will no longer be available in Google Maps. And Google Maps app will not listen to you unless you manually click the microphone icon on the main screen to perform a voice command.

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How to Disable Google Voice Recordings

The simplest method to prevent Google from listening is to turn off the option to save audio recordings in your Google Account.

1. Go to Google My Activity in your browser and choose Web & App Activity in the right pane.

2. The Web & App Activity page will appear. Select the radio button next to Include audio recordings and deselect it.

All voice commands you give to Google Assistant, Google Search, or Google Maps will not be logged onto your Google account once this is deactivated.

This simply means that no fresh recordings will be saved. That doesn’t mean Google isn’t still listening to you. To disable all Google listening, you’ll need to take more drastic steps, By following all the steps listed in this Guide.


How to Stop Google App from listening in on your conversations.

You can also prevent Google from listening to you by deactivating listening in the Google app on your phone.

1. Go to the Apps section of your Android Settings menu.

2. Scroll down to the Google app in the Apps list and touch it.

3. Select Permissions from the Google App details screen.

The next step is to deactivate Microphone access for the Google app so that it can’t passively listen to you via your phone.

4. Pick Microphone from the list of permissions in the App permissions menu.

5. Choose the Deny radio option on the Microphone permissions page.

The Google app will no longer have access to your phone’s microphone. You can now be guaranteed that Google will never be able to listen to you with this app.