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Learn How to Turn off Comments on Facebook - Facebook Comment Turn Off - Solutionlogins
Learn How to Turn off Comments on Facebook – Facebook Comment Turn Off – Solutionlogins

Facebook is a huge social media community that contain millions of people each with their different opinion.

This millions of people stay in facebook, roam around the platform with their thought and won’t hesitate to drop them anywhere.

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Majority of these people felt it dutiful to air their opinion on any post or article they come across on the platform without even need to care if the published post concern them or not.

And in most times, these type of people often hoard an article with meaningless and unreasonable comments and as well filled it with lots of unnecessary spamming ads.

In circumstance of this nature, it’s quite normal for one to feel uncomfortable and un-ease prompting one to start soliciting for a way to take total control of his post to avoid situation of this nature.

Unfortunately, the option to stop people’s comment on an individual private post has not been provided yet by the facebook officials. That’s, you cant actually turn of comment session on a post.

Despite facebook inability to provide turn-off comment option, there is another way to minimize having unnecessary comments or reaction on your post which is by restriction of people who you don’t want to see your post via the privacy option in the setting of your post.

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However, In a matter of post published in a facebook group, there has been an option to control and decide if you want people to comment or not. Although, the option can only be exercised by a group moderator or admin.

With this new changes, there are ways that were integrated which will allow a facebook user to regulate how people can interact with their post.

In this article, we are going to show how to control comments on your personal profile posts, facebook group post and many more.

How to control comments in a post on one’s personal profile timeline.

Facebook has made a new changes to make facebook users to leverage on and use it to control who can see and comment on their posts.

With the inception of this changes, one can now be able to restrict comment on personal account post.

There are now option to choose who can comment on your post from options such as public, friends, and people/pages mentioned in the post.

Below are steps to stop comments in posts published on personal timeline.

Navigate to the desired post in your facebook timeline that you wants to stop comments

Tap the three-dots option at the top right corner of the post.

Click on ‘who can comment on your post’
Then, choose one among the three displayed options which are; public, friends and profiles and pages your mention.


If you ought for public, you’ve just given a go ahead for facebook to make your post visible to everyone on facebook and as well, make them eligible to comment.

If you choose friends, that is, just the people within your friends cycle can see and comment on your post. Other people outside your friends list wont be notified or given acess to your post by facebook.

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And lastly, choosing profile and pages you mention means, anyone that was mentioned by any of your friend has automatically become unrestricted to comment on your post. Same goes with the later.

How to shut down comment in posts published on a facebook group.

If there is one place where one can easily have irritating comments full of vulgar words, that should be a group in facebook.

A facebook group have the capacity to contain over 200,000 members each with the freedom to react to any post posted in that post.

So in other to avoid controversial comments that may lead to any form of violence, facebook has provide a way in which comments can be totally turn off on a particular post.

However, this option is available to the group moderators or the original poster of the post.

Steps to turn off commenting on facebook group post.

  1. Scroll to the group for which you want to stop public opinion or comments
    Tap the three – dotted icon located at the upper right – hand corner.
  2. From the option that will pop out, check carefully and select ‘turn off commenting’.
  3. By doing this, no one will be able to comment on the post but can just react on it by either liking it or otherwise.

Note; To undo this action, go to the same three dotted line at the top right corner of the post and click on the same option.

We take an in-depth look on HOW TO TURN OFF FACEBOOK COMMENT, How to shut down comment in posts published on a facebook group