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iPhone 13 could face stock shortage — Apple's biggest partner issues warning | Tom's Guide
iPhone 13 could face stock shortage — Apple's biggest partner issues warning | Tom's Guide

Fears of an iPhone shortage have been expressed by Apple, which has warned that new models may sell out as quickly as the PlayStation 5.
APPLE has issued a warning about a possible iPhone and iPad scarcity before the end of the year.
It could imply that new Apple products set to be released this summer would be more difficult to obtain than usual due to a global chip scarcity.


According to Apple, the crisis has already impacted Mac and iPad sales and will cause problems for iPhones in the future.
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The rumored iPhone 13, which is anticipated to hit stores in September, is part of that future.

“We expect supply constraints during the September quarter than we experienced in the June quarter,” Apple’s Luca Maestri stated during a conference call with investors.

“The constraints will primarily impact iPhone and iPad.”

Chips Demand Skyrocket

Since last year, demand for microchips that power everything from electric cars to video gaming consoles has skyrocketed.

Suppliers are unable to keep up with demand, resulting in shortages of popular devices such as the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

Apple CEO Tim Cook hinted that the crisis was behind the potential shortfall of his firm’s upcoming gadgets.

“We do have some shortages where the demand has been so great and so beyond our own expectation that it’s difficult to get the entire set of parts within the lead times that we try to get those,” Cook said.

“We’ll do everything we can to mitigate whatever set of circumstances we’re dealt.”

The growing demand for chips is likely to be a result of Covid-19 lockdowns around the world.

They have resulted in lengthy plant shutdowns at chip manufacturers, as well as an increase in public interest in gadgetry.

The call follows Apple’s second-quarter earnings report, which significantly beat analyst expectations.

The Cupertino, California-based business made $21.7 billion, nearly doubling profits from the same period last year.

Revenue increased 36% to $81.4 billion.

Profits for the next quarter may suffer as a result of the chip shortage, which some analysts anticipate would last until 2022.

Speaking earlier this year, one expert described the tech industry’s chip woes as a full-blown crisis.

“Chips are everything,” said Neil Campling, speaking to The Guardian in March.

“There’s a perfect storm of supply and demand factors going on here. But basically, there is a new level of demand that can’t be kept up with.”