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Ronald koeman was dismissed by FC Barcelona on Wednesday after a year, 2 months in charge of the club; Barca B manager to takeover as interim manager before new manager is brought in

The ex Blaugrana player, Ronald Koeman was finally relieved off duty as Barcelona head coach after accruing a disastrous tenure during his time at the club and another embarrassing defeat against a newly promoted club, Rayo Vallecano.

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Barcelona was defeated by Rayo Vallecano on Wednesday evening just seven days after their home defeat to their arch rival, Real Madrid.
Is Xavi the right man to coach Barca after Koeman dismissal.

Thus, this two disappointing result placed the FC Barcelona 9th in La Liga log table.

Barca performance this season has been so disastrous and their defeat to Madrid was their third in a row.

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The fourth one was the defeat against Rayo Vallecano thereby summing up their defeat to six matches in their last six match.

The Blaugrana as led by Koeman also flagged off their champions league fixtures with a disastrous result as they are at the brink of not making out of the group.

All this together culminated to the recent decision by Barcelona president to sack the head coach, Ronald Koeman.

Ronald Koeman was appointed in August last year as Barcelona head coach and throughout his stay, he led the catalan to an embarrassing third place in La Liga and however, won the Copa Del Rey that year.

Unfortunately, the departure Lionel Messi from the club has arguably impact the story of the Dutch manager negatively and as well, the financial anomalies state of the club is another tangible factor that also contributed to the club current poor form.

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However, many has deemed Koeman to be the main orchestrator of their poor form as he is pictured to lack the tactics, techniques and strategies needed to herald Barcelona out of their current predicament.

Pressure had been building on Koeman after Barca’s defeat to Benfica in August. The defeat was Barcelona worst ever start to a new champion’s league campaign.
Is Xavi the right man to coach Barca after Koeman dismissal.

Few days later, Barca were then dealt with by Athletico with a 2-0 loss in La Liga on October 2, and follow suit is their 2-1 weekend loss to Real Madrid.

The manager after the match was attacked by clique of fans who are disappointed by the result and had tried to inflict some form of casualty to the manager.

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The dismissal of Koeman has long been anticipated by many spectators specifically, after the defeat against Athletico Madrid.

However, the president himself publicly came to addressed their reason for reinstating him as the manager and therefore entrusting their confidence in him.

The defeat in El-Classico is another match many had thought to be the last straw for the Dutch international and fortunately, he was been supported by some board members who believe that he can still make some amendment as time goes on.

As anticipated, the sacked finally came after a horrendous defeat to a low tier team Rayo Vallecano.

A match where many had expected Barcelona to convincingly triumph over the newly promoted league and unfortunately, the reverse became the case.

Although, Barca seems to be the better side during the match but the head coach inability to make tactical changes that can turn the result around is what cost Barca the defeat.

It has been a repeated phenomenon for Barca to often concede from their first shot and forthwith always find it difficult to turn the result around.

The defeat infuriated Joan Laport who is the club president and hence, announced his decision to dismiss the Dutch international at instant.

After the dismissal of Koeman, who is the right man to succeed him.?

Is Xavi the right man to coach Barca after Koeman dismissal.

Among other candidate, the most talked about is Xavi Hernandez who is Barcelona former legend, midfielder and Spanish international who is currently the head of coach of Al – Sadd in Qatar.

As reported by ESPN correspondent, Sam Marsden, it is only a matter of time for Xavi to be officially confirmed as the next head coach of the club.

He says: ”Xavi would be perfect because he’s loved by the fans, he’s seems as the second coming of Pep Guardiola if you will,” he told sky sport news

“The central midfielder who was key to the Guardiola side and this Cruyff philosophy and how Barca believe they should be playing.”

“From what I’ve seen and speaking to people in Qatar, obviously it’s a completely different level from La Liga, but it seems his team does play that way. Santi Cazorla plays under Xavi and said he is radical in his beliefs, and that’s what Barca think they want, we’ll see if it works with these young players.”

“Everything is pointing towards Xavi. Joan Laporta is holding talks with him today (Thursday), it looks like a matter of time before Xavi is appointed now.”

Will Xavi really triumph as Barca head coach?

Is Xavi the right man to coach Barca after Koeman dismissal.

In giving his opinion on the above question, Mardsen said:

“It looks like a good fit. If you look at Barcelona’s midfield, at Pedri, Gavi, they’ve got the basis of a midfield for the next 10 years with Frenkie De Jong as well”

“De Jong is someone who believes Xavi can take his game to the next level, there was a feeling he has not perhaps reached the next level many expected”

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“If you look at that midfield, with Xavi’s emphasis on possession, position and pressing game, he has the players there for the next few years, if he can nurture and develop them he could have a really good team.”

Ronald Koemans final post match interview vs Rayo Vallecano

Is Xavi the right man to coach Barca after Koeman dismissal.

Shortly after the loss, Koeman said:

“In the first 15 minutes, we had problems to get into the game. They pressed us well but after that, I think we controlled the game on a small pitch against a team that runs a lot and presses hard. We had good chances but we didn’t finish them”

“Today we lost the match not because of our attitude, not be cause of the way we played because I don’t think there are other teams that had so many chances against them, therefore the issue is that we didn’t score and I can’t say anything else”

“It may be we are unlucky. It may be that we have injured players, but these are excuses because the team showed today and showed in the game against Madrid that we are at a good level”

“But being at a good level is not enough. What counts in the end is always the result and we lost the last two games. Everyone has to analyze their matches and I try to analyze today’s game – its incredible we lost”

“In the last few years our rivals, the best teams, were strengthened each season, while we couldn’t do it. And this is something that also counts – not in today’s game because in today’s game, the injuries had a huge part. I think we played a good game, even if you shouldn’t talk about good games when you don’t score.“