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La Liga All Time Top Scorers Top 10
La Liga All Time Top Scorers Top 10

Laliga all time highest goal scorer

The La Liga has since been known for it marvelous attacking football pattern thereby leading to so many great attacker to graced the league.

The league right from its establishment has experienced some of the finest goal scorers in the game throughout the years.

Since the start of La Liga, some of these great players went on to be a valid and true legend of the game and also become among the all time top scorers in the league.

Superstars and legends like Lionel Messi, Cristian Ronaldo, Raul, Alfredo Di Stefano and host of other are goal scorers that scored goals for fun over the years in the league.

In these article, we’ve made a comprehensive list of the top 10 all time top scorers in the La Liga league .

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Top 10 all time top scorers in La Liga

Lionel Messi 455 – Goals

FC Barcelona legend Lionel Messi is the first in the list and the top scorers in the league ever since it establishment.

Lionel Messi scored 455 goals in 502 appearance from 2004 to 2021

Ever since his debut in the league, he has keep his fantastic form consistent and keep on improving daily.

His consistency in scoring led him to smashed so many record and also create some that stand and look somewhat impossible to beat.

Cristiano Ronaldo – 311 Goals

La Liga Top 10 all time top scorers,laliga all time highest goal scorer

In just 292 appearances, Crisitano scored 311 goals for Real Madird thereby making him the player with the best goal per ratio in the league.

Considered as one of the greatest player, Cristiano Ronaldo undoubtedly performed even beyond what many had thought by producing fascinating moment in the field.

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He is the only player in the league to have more goals that his appearances in the league as he scored 311 times in just 292 appearance.

Telmo Zarra 251 – Goals

Telmo Zarra had 277 league for Athletic Bilbao where he spend all his time playing and went on to become their legend.

He is the third highest scoring attacker in field by scoring 251 times in 277 appearances for Athletic Bilbao.

The Spanish international went on to win the Pichichi award six time before he finally hung his boot.

Hugo Sanchez – 243 Goals

La Liga Top 10 all time top scorers,laliga all time highest goal scorer

Mexican legend, Hugo Sanchez racked up 344 goals in 347 appearances during his time in the league.

He is a fantastic finisher and a lethal attacker specifically when he is left with a goalie, one on one.

Despite after his retirement from the game, he is up till date considered to be one of the greatest scorer not just in Spanish league but also all over the world.

Hugo 234 goals in 347 games are scored for clubs like Real Madrid where he scored 190, Atletico Madrid 58 and Rayo Vallecano 17

Raul – 229 Goals

La Liga Top 10 all time top scorers,laliga all time highest goal scorer

Raul, a Spanish international and also a Real Madrid legend came fifth in the list.

In his 16 years of playing in the league, Raul spent most of his career in Real Madrid and was so loyal to the Los Blancos.

Without featuring for any other club, Raul move to abroad before he ended his game.

When playing in the league, the Spanish legend scored 229 goals in 550 appearances for real Madrid.

Alfredo Di Stefano – 227 Goals

La Liga Top 10 all time top scorers,laliga all time highest goal scorer

Alfredo Di Stefano is a legendary strikers to have graced the game.

The Argentine legend is considered is highly respected by the Los Blancos as he was able to make changes during games and always man up to take responsibility by scoring goals.

In just 329 appearances in La Liga, he scored 227 goals. He went on to play for Espanyol RCD before his retirement.

He was undoubtedly one of the greatest player to every play the game

Cesar Rodriguez – 221 Goals

La Liga Top 10 all time top scorers,laliga all time highest goal scorer

Cesar Rodriguez in his peak played for FC Barcelona and at that time was ranked among Barcelona greatest.

In 353 appearances, Rodriguez netted 221 times which ranked him among the all time top scorers in the league.

He played for other team as well such as; Elche, Granada and Cultural Leonesa before his retirement.

Enrique Castro Gonzalez – 219 Goals

Castro is a five time golden boot winner in the league who flourishes during his time at Sproting Gijon wehre he scored 165 goal in 356 appearance.

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He furthered his career to fc Barcelona where he also appeared 116 times and scored 65 goals before departing the blaugrana

Manuel Fernandez Fernanadez (Pahino) – 214 Goals

Manuel Fernandez Fernandez is also known as Pabino spent 13 years playing in the league where he featured for three different clubs.
La Liga Top 10 all time top scorers,laliga all time highest goal scorer

He scored a total 214 goals in 278 appearances.

The Spaniard played for Deportivo la Coruna, Celta Vigo and also Real Mardrid where he scored most of his goals as netted 111 in 128 appearances for the Los Blancos

Karim Benzema – 200 Goals

Karim Benzema is the only active player in the league to feature in the top 10 overall top scorers.

The French international has become the latest footballer in the league to score 200 or more goals in the league and also pave his way into the La Liga all time top scorers top 10.

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In his 13 season with Real Madird, the 33 years old is still very active in front of goal. The Real Madrid star has so far scored 200 goals in 389 La Liga game