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Manchester united were dehumanized and battered at old Trafford by their arch rival, Liverpool 5 goals to nothing and the horrific result has fueled the pressure on their head coach, Ole Gunnar Solkjare.

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Manchester united captain, Harry Maguire had come out to describe their display in that match to be embarrassing and said, it is a terrible week after the defeat and forthwith emphasized that the players has come together to move on with the defeat and find the right rhythm to play against Tottenham this weekend.

He says:

“Its been tough, it’s been disappointing,” Maguire told sky sports
“When you look back at the result and the performance it was embarrassing. Nowehere near good enough forthis club.”

“its been a tough week. I’m not going to say we’ve moved on easily”

“it’s one of the lowest I’m sure all the players have felt in their career. You go home and you don’t sleep much, you’ve got thoughts running through your head. ‘if only I did this or this’.”

“If I’m being honest I went home and i just looked at myself and what I can do better and take full responsibility on my shoulders”

“I hope every player in the dressing room is looking at themselves, taking full responsibility on their shoulder and not pointing the finger and blaming anyone else.”

“You look at yourself first and foremost when you have a result like this and a period like this.”

“we let the manager down against Liverpool. We let the fans down, the club down, us as players. So we have to take huge responsibility for that.”
“do we owe him a performance? Of course we do.”

Emphasis and concern on united poor form this season

Maguire admit that Liverpool defeat was embarrassing and thus

United so far this season have conceded 15 goals in the league this seaon and shipped 11 across their last three games in all competions.

They have kept just a clean sheet in their last 21 matches. They are at the bottom table when ranked on the team with the most tackles, duels won and erros leading to shots

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However, Maguire doesn’t really care about their daming stats specifically in the defense department but rather emphasize that their defensive unit must be much transformed in a better way than they have been and he the center back leader has to up his game as well.

“we’ve conceded far too many goals, I take a big responsibility for that, he said. I take responsibility for my own performance but also defensive performance as well.”

“I’m the captain, I’ve been a mainstay in the dfence for over two years. We’ve had some good runs but at the minutes, we are not defending well enough.

“My performance haven’t been good enough and I’m looking to get back to the form ‘i’ve shown prior to the injury in the last two season.”

“from the start of the season we’ve conceded too many chances and we’ve been punished this week with the chances in the first half. We gave them chances and they punished us. you can’t do it against these good teams and you can’t always get away with it.”

“if I could tell you why, we’d do something about it. We’re working on it, we’re analyzing it. For sure, this week has been nowhere near good enough.”

“we don’t generally look at stats. I didn’t know those stats. That’s something I’m sure the staff are looking at but we look at performances and results. This past week we know we’ve conceded far too many goals and far too many chances. We know we have to improve.”

Maguire point of view on the game ahead against spurs

Maguire admit that Liverpool defeat was embarrassing and thus

Looking ahead to the game with spurs, harry says the coaches and players have expended the previous week emphasizing on how they can perform better and must pull together to bounce back from that horrendous defeat to Liverpool

He says:”We’ve tried to move on as quickly as we can to try to prepare for another big game on Saturday,”

“obviously no game in the midweek has made it more difficult, more time to analyse. But it’s probably what we needed as a group of players to speak and analyse where we’re going wrong and what we can do better.”

“it’s not the first time I’ve been in this situation. It’s not the first time these lads have. we’ve now got to stick together as a group, try to move forward from the result and put on a positive performance on Saturday”

“we’ve got big players at this club, big experience, big international players and now we’ve got to show that.
“the spirit in the group is really good and we stick together and w can move forward.”

“we’ve got a big game on Saturday and we need to look after the performance and make sure we give the fans something to be proud of becasue we know we’ve let them down this week, for sure.”

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Next up for Manchester is united is a trip to Tottenham on Saturday at the white hart lane stadium on. Kick off, 5:30pm

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