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PSG see massive sale Messi jersey and as well, became the first team to sold off over 1M pieces of a player’s jersey during the time Messi jersey was put on for sale.

The greatest of all time in soccer, Lionel Messi hasn’t dominate football alone but also has extended his dominance to the profession’s markets angle of football

His sensational and shocking move from Barca to PSG has brought about significant change financially to the French club and ligue 1 at large.

However, it has become a profitable so far for PSG in acquiring the the player despite the lucrative amount of wages he is receiving.

Ever since his move to the club, Lionel Messi has reached different miles stone in different area such as in the social media and marketing sphere.


His unveiling image became the 3rd most liked sport related picture on instagram while other images of him occupied the first and second position respectively.

The Argentine and ex Barca star has been defined as a great player with a conducive personality which are part of the factors that drives people love and support towards him.

After he’s been unveiled as a PSG player and the manufacturing of his jersey, there has been lots of turn up from the fans respectively.



The completion of Lionel Messi medical come forth the presentation of the player to the fans and as well manufacturing his jersey.

Prior to the production of the jersey, there is a report that reported that numbers of fans are already booking for the non published jersey.

Shortly after the jersey was now released and launched into the market at the PSG official marketing store, there was since then too much demands from the fans.

Some fans who resides at the capital city, PSG were pictured making a very queue as the await for their turn to get hold of the jersey.

The rate at which Lionel Messi jersey was demanded by fans as analysed by sport marketing department have never been witnessed before.

Despite the high cost of the jersey (€187) the fans all over the world never minds and therefore focusing there attention alone in acquiring their beloved player’s jersey.

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Top Spanish sport media, Marca reported the overwhelming turn up for l
Lionel Messi jersey on 12th august 2021. They were the first to break the news about the massive turn up.

The first 100,000 pieces of Lionel Messi jersey was sold out in less than 8 minutes of it released. Many more at 900,000 pieces was produced and was purchased in 24hours.

The massive turn up lionel messi jersey led to another milestone achievement by the player making him the highest player jersey sold by a club.

The total sale of lionel messi’s jersey increased to over 1m in 24 hours. This type of sales has never happened before.


Lionel messi jersey sale has so far accrued at about €90 million ($122.7Bil) for the french giant.

The profit from his jersey marketing alone has not provided not just ease for the giant capital to pay his wages but also has brought about extra income to the team.

The players contract worth is not less than €35m ($47.7bill) which can be easily paid from the jersey income.

The club will be in more profit as times go on because, the request for the player’s jersey will be a continuous demands from the fans.

The club would have even recorded more than aforementioned amount accrued from the jersey sale had they have the capacity to produce more quantity of the jersey.

In other to halt and slow demands of veteran player’s jersey, they had to publicly announce the shortage of the product officially in their store.


Leo in a pic PSG president, El-Khelaifi

Lionel Messi jersey have become the all time highest sold jersey in the football after his recent move to PSG.

The previous most patronized jersey was hold by his arch rival, Christiano ronaldo upon his arrival from Madrid to Juve in 2018.

During that time, christiano ronaldo jersey were 520,000 pieces in an hour which placed him at the first until messi move was made to PSG.

However, messi was able to surpass his numbers of jersey sale and therefore becomes the current player with the most sale.

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