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Barcelona's Sergio Aguero addresses retirement rumours
Barcelona’s Sergio Aguero addresses retirement rumours

Barcelona striker Sergio Aguero has dismissed reports that he may be forced to retire early owing to his heart ailment.

After suffering chest pains during his team’s La Liga match against Alaves at the end of October, the 33-year-old has been ruled out for at least three months.

Sergio Agüero diagnosed with heart disorder

According to reports, Aguero’s condition is more serious than first thought, and he may be forced to retire due to concerns about his long-term health.

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However, the Argentina international reiterated on social media on Friday that examinations and treatment will continue for the next 90 days before a final decision is made.

Aguero wrote on Twitter “Given the rumours, I tell them that I am following the indications of the club’s doctors, doing tests and treatment and seeing my progress within 90 days. Always positive,” Aguero wrote on Twitter.

Since his arrival, Sergio Aguero has made only five appearances for Barcelona having been forced to miss the early weeks of the 2021-22 campaign due to a calf problem.

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