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The FIFA CLUB WORLD CUP is a competition for clubs around the world.

The notion of holding a tournament in which the finest football teams from all continents compete has surely crossed many people’s minds, prompting them to wonder if that country has anything to offer. If you happen to be that person. You’ve arrived to the right location.

The FIFA Club World Cup is an international men’s football tournament organized by FIFA, the governing organization of football in the world.

The competition was first held in 2000, and it was known as the FIFA Club World Championship at the time. Qatar, Japan, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, and Morocco have all hosted it in the past.

Winners of federation championships from all six continents compete in the competition.
The following are the global federation championship tournaments:

  1. CAF Champions League – Africa
  2. AFC champions league – Asia
  3. Copa Libertadores – South America
  4. CONCACAF Champions league – North America
  5. UEFA champions league – Europe
  6. OFC Champions league – Oceania


Winners of the above competitions compete in the tournament. The FIFA Club World Cup has a framework that is substantially different from other tournaments.

European and south American champions enter the tournament directly in the semi finals while Oceania and host nation’s champion begins in the knockout. Africa, Asia and North America joins in the quarter final and compete to face Europe and south America in the semi finals to compete to get to the finials to decide the winner.

The winner of the trophy gets $10 million dollars, runner-up $4 million, third place $2.5 million, fourth place $2 million, fifth place $1.5 million, six place $1 million and seventh place gets $0.5 million.

The best player of the tournament is awarded with a golden ball, the highest goal scorer is awarded a golden boot, the player who has the greatest performance awarded the most valuable player. Clubs that played fairly and with lowest foul is awarded the Fair play trophy.

So isn’t limited to individuals only, but also teams that deserves it.
Since it’s inception in 2000, Madrid had proven to be the most successful club in the tournament having clinched 4 trophies. Liverpool is the current champion winning it for the very first time.

Spanish teams have clinched many trophies than any nations side, they have 7 trophies so far.

Back in 2008, the winner teams of the tournament wears a special badge on their Jersey. The first badge was conferred on A.C Milan when they clinched the trophy in 2007. Manchester united later got the prerogative to wear the badge after winning the trophy in 2008.

So this is what it means for the best teams in the world to compete in a tournament