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FC Barcelona Confirm That Messi Has Left Club After Contract Talks Fail
FC Barcelona Confirm That Messi Has Left Club After Contract Talks Fail

THE REAL REASON BEHIND Lionel MESSI CONTRACT FAILURE has been attributed to their inability to formalized due to economic and structural obstacles found in the Spanish football regulation body(Spanish LaLiga regulations).


Why is Lionel Messi leaving Barcelona?

The whole of Barcelona fans across the universe had expected the announcement of Messi renewal by the board on 7/08/2021 as it was earlier announced by several sports media and the club broadcasting media as well.

In respect to that, Messi arrives Barcelona with his father who is his agent as well to pen down his commitment to the Barcelona football club and sign the contract until 2026

Then, everything was going calmly as planned and for the fact that the team and the player had already had a verbal and personal agreement on the contract, gave the fans and team more confidence that the contract will go smoothly.


During the day, there came to contact with Laliga by Barcelona, where they eventually learned that it would be impossible for them to renew Messi’s contract. As such a move will go against the Laliga financial policy, hence forcing the team to terminate the renewal process of the contract of the player.

Although, there were clear intentions between the player and the team on signing a new contract yesterday. The action was made futile due to the economic and structural obstacles that are contained in the Spanish Laliga regulations.

This policy seems not affect the renewal of the Messi contract alone as there were several indication that the new signed players such as Memphis Depay, Emerson, etc won’t be registered by Barcelona as well if nothing is done to their financial predicament.

Leo Messi was thankful to Laporta for his honesty during the meeting though he was however shocked at how it becomes mandatory for him to make a decision that will mark the end of his career with the team he had planned to spend all his playing career with.

After this shocking news, it was gathered that PSG have made direct contact with the player to ascertain if he could play for their club and their effort to lure the player away had been turned down in several instances as the player was committed to play for Barcelona alone then.

According to those close to Leo, he is trembled and in shock. And he is not ready to make a public appearance yet after he had already made his intention to continue with Barca but could not and he probably won’t leave without saying goodbye to the fans that have cheered, support, and idolized him throughout his time of play for the club. He just wants to think ahead, analyze and let the next few hours pass for now.

None of the player’s current teammates has taken to their social media handles to say a farewell to their most beneficial player. A close source to the dressing room report that the heavyweights players and the rest of the captain are unaware of Messi departure from Barcelona

Barcelona thanks the player for his massive contribution to the club growth, success and achievement and forthwith wishes him the best in his personal and professional career.

The Catalans also expressed their gratitude to Messi and best wishes for the future.

“Despite having reached an agreement between FC Barcelona and Leo Messi and with the clear intention of both parties to sign a new contract today, it cannot be formalised due to economic and structural obstacles (Spanish LaLiga regulations).

“Given this situation, Lionel Messi will not continue [with] FC Barcelona. Both parties deeply regret that the wishes of both the player and the club cannot finally be fulfilled.

“Barca would like to thank with all its heart the player’s contribution to the enhancement of the institution and wishes him the best in his personal and professional life.”

The Barcelona fans all over the world felt the world crumbling on them as they won’t be able to watch the greatest player to ever play for their beloved club won’t be available for them anymore. It is so terrible and painful

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