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The highest score ever made in a soccer game is 149-0. - Doberre
The highest score ever made in a soccer game is 149-0. – Doberre

The Worst Football Defeat in History: AS Adema 149-0 I’Emyrne

The worst defeat in African and world football history occurred in Antananarivo, Madagascar, between two teams.

The match took place on October 31, 2002, and it holds the Guinness World Record for the biggest scoreline. In a protest against decisions made by the degree that went against them during a four-year play-off campaign, l’Emyrne lost the game to AS Adema on purpose.

In a Scottish cup tournament in 1885, Arbroath defeated Bon Accord 36-0, setting a new world record.
So l’Emyrne purposefully had own-goals that occurred after each goal kick. L’Emyrne kicks the ball into its own net every minute of goal kick, resulting in an own-goal. This pattern lasted until 149 goals were scored.

The other team was stunned by the sight, but there was little that could be done.

The game was part of a four-team round-robin playoff to determine the national champion. The most recent encounter that elicited such an outburst was a 2-2 draw between l’Emyrne and DSA Antananarivo, in which the degree gave a controversial late penalty.

Finally, they rebelled by allowing 149 goals to be scored by intentional own-goals. Their coach was suspended for three years as a result of this action.

The defeat at l’Emyrne has the highest tagline in history. The 149-0 defeat of AS Adema in I’Emyrne is the biggest defeat in football history.