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Premier League Top Goal Scorers Of All-Times
Premier League Top Goal Scorers Of All-Times

As premier league shall clock its 30 years of existence by February next year, we thought of bringing about vital information about some numbers of quality attackers that have played in the league regarding the most goals scored in the most fanned league by these attackers

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Through the decades, the premier league has seen many prolific and deadly strikers come and go. While there are some that did not perform as expected of them, there is a host of them that have actually given what was expected of them.

These prolific attackers range from England captains like Alan Shearer and Wayne Rooney and to classy French attackers like Thiery Henry, Argentine superstar, Sergio Aguero and England midfielder, Frank Lampard.

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All these aforementioned players have left a remarkable mark in the game as they were able to notch in numbers of goals in the game which ranked them above others.

Top 10 premier league all-time top scorers

To many fans, knowing the highest scoring players ever in the premier league accordingly is kind of complicated. This is why some do mix the players up when listing the player that has scored the highest numbers of goals in the league.

In this article is a comprehensive list of the top ten highest goals-scoring players ever to have played in the Premier League.

Top 10 all time highest goal scorers in the premier league list

Alan Shearer 260 goals

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Alan Shearer is an England player who played for Blackburn and Newcastle respectively during his time in the premiership. By playing for these two clubs, he was able to score 260 goals thereby making him the top highest scoring player in the league.

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The prolific striker was just too good for the defenders to get hold specifically when he played for Blackburn where he netted 112 goals in just 138 appearances for the club and also won the premiership title during his four years spell at the club.

He left there to join Newcastle in 1996 and spent a decade with them. He went on to add an additional 148 league goals for the magpies in 303 appearances thereby taking his tally of goals to 260. Ever since his retirement in 2006, his spot as the highest top scorer in the league remains stoic as no other player has gone close to the goals.

Wayne Rooney. 208 Goals

Wayne Rooney | Man Utd Legends Profile | Manchester United
Wayne Rooney | Man Utd Legends Profile | Manchester United

Wayne Rooney made his mark in the premier league as a teenager with Everton. Due to his specialty and versatile style of play, many spectators had thought and tipped him to outnumber Alan’s goals of 260 goals.

The former England captain and current derby coach, unfortunately, was unable to match the record as he was unable to keep his goals scoring form consistent as his career moved on.

England and United legend scored 15 goals for Everton as a teenager and went on to secure a move to United in 2005 where he spent most of his time playing during his career.

He racked up 13 seasons for Red Devil and went on to score 183 goals for united in 393 appearances.

In 2017, he made a remarkable move back to his boyhood club where he further added 10 additional goals thereby taking his career league goals to 200 plus.

Despite playing more than 40 matches than Alan Shearer, he was unable to break his record. He is the only second player to have scored 200 league goals in English Premier League history.

Serie A Top 10 all time top scorers

Andy Cole. 187 Goals

Andy Cole’s 187 goals were scored for several clubs. He has played for 15 years in the league from 1993 to 2008.

Although, the majority of his goals were scored during his reign at United where he netted 93 times in just 195 appearances for Manchester united.

La Liga Top 10 all time top scorers

From United, he joined Newcastle where he scored a whopping 43 goals in just 58 matches for the magpies.

Upon his move to Blackburn Rovers, Fulham, Manchester City, and Portsmouth, he added a further 51 goals. Prior to the end of his career, Cole joined Sunderland and unfortunately couldn’t score in his last seven appearances for the club before he finally retired.

Sergio Aguero. 184 Goals

The Argentine and Manchester city legend is the highest scoring non-English player in the Premiership.

He also holds the record for the most goals scored for a single club after scoring 184 goals for Manchester city and hence, leapfrogged the former holder of the crown, Wayne Rooney who has 183 for the Red Devil.

A fantastic forward, Sergio’s most memorable moment was in 2012 where he scored a title-winning goal which claim the trophy for the citizen in the final seconds of the season.

Frank Lampard. 177 Goals

Chelsea’s all-time top Scorer and England legend Frank Lampard came number 5 on the Premier League highest scorers.

He is the only attacking midfielder to be listed among other strikers that has racked up the most goal in the premiership.

Frank Lampard is regarded as the greatest scoring midfielder in the world to ever grace the game.

Before his move to Chelsea, Frank Lampard scored just 24 goals in 148 games for West Ham.

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Then, his move to Chelsea revolutionalized the player and hence found his scoring jinx.

In 428 games, the Chelsea legend Frank Lampard scored 147 goals during his 13 years spell with the blues.

After his move from Chelsea to MLS, the blues legend returned to the Premier League with Manchester City where he netted another six including one against his beloved former team, Chelsea.

Thiery Henry – 175 Goals

Arsenal and French super player, Thierry Henry dubbed the best goal per game ratio in the Premier League with 0.68 (0.01 more than Harry Kane)

During his spell in the league with Arsenal between 1999 to 2007, the French striker scored a whopping of 174 goals in 254 league games for the North London
Upon his arrival to the club again on loan, in 2011 – 2012, he added a goal to his tally.

Harry Kane. 166 goals

Harry Kane is currently the only active player in the Premier League to be among top 10 highest-scoring player in the league.

The spurs dreadful attacker scored his first premier league goal in 2012 and ever since then, he has maintained a fine form in front of the goal.

Harry Kane scored 166 goals in 247 games for Tottenham and also won three golden boots.

With just 95 goals more for him to break Alan Shearer’s long-standing record of the highest to be scored, Kane is tipped to have all it takes to smashed the record

Robbie Fowler – 163 Goals

Robbie Fowler comes 8th on the list. The Australian is Liverpool’s highest goal scorer as well.

His goals are majorly scored for Liverpool during his time at the club where he scored 128 goals in 266 games.

He moved to Leeds and Manchester City respectively where he also scored 35 goals in 110 for both.

He ended his career with Black Burn but unfortunately, couldn’t register a goal for them before his retirement.

Jermain Defoe 162 goals

Jermain Defoe used to be Tottenham’s top Premier League scorer before he was outscored by Harry Kane.

At the peak of his career, the England and Tottenham legend scored 91 league goals in 276 appearances for Spurs
From spurs, he moved to other teams West Ham, Portsmouth, Sunderland, and Bournemouth where he scored another 71 goals in 220 games, therefore, taking his total league goal to 102

Micheal Owen. 150 Goals

The last on the list is Micheal Owen. The English international played for Liverpool, Newcastle, Manchester United and stoke City in the Premiership where he netted a combined of 150 league goals.

The ex Liverpool superstar would have scored more had he have an injury-free career.

At the initial stage of his career, Owen had shown a lot of talent and versatility.

The English international scored not less than 16 goals for Liverpool in six out of seven seasons he played for Liverpool.

Unfortunately, his move to Madrid was not fruitful, and had to return back to the premiership where he couldn’t continue with the same energy he had started with.

On his return, he only managed to score further 32 goals in 120 games.

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