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Marburg virus is a very dangerous virus that causes hemorrhagic fever with the same implication as the Ebola virus.

The disease came as many other tropical diseases which cause fever, headache, and body aches to humans and as well have high transmission levels.

Although, the outbreak of the virus is not usual. The initial case of its infection has been traced to exposure to African bats and monkeys.

However, Marburg virus outbreaks are highly uncommon.

Unfortunately, no medication or cure has been produced to serve as a remedy to the virus thereby making it prevention very difficult.

However, it remains an area of research for scientists to provide a concrete remedy to the deadly virus.

In this article, we shall provide the fundamental and basic preventive measures needed to safeguard oneself, family, and friends from the terrible disease (Marburg virus). Read more about the emergence of the Marburg Virus


How to prevent marburg virus

The prevention of the virus is basically focused on avoiding contact with the virus and also distance oneself from the animals that have been said to be a host to the virus.

The following are preventive tips that can help to prevent the virus and as well curb the spread of the virus.

Distance oneself from outbreak area:
Marburg virus,How marburg virus transmit,How to prevent marburg virus,HOW TO AVOID CONTRACTING THE MARBURG VIRUS,how to prevent yourself from marburg virus

Before visiting or traveling to any country specifically Africa, ensure to know about the current stats concerning the disease by visiting the center of disease control and prevention of that country.

Clean and wash your hand frequently:
Prevention by washing hands

one of the most important preventive measures is consistent washing of one’s hand by using soap and water or alcohol-based hand rubs containing at least 60% alcohol when soap and water are not available.

Avoid bush meat:

Marburg virus host animals

In developing countries especially in a country where the breakout of the virus is often witnessed, avoid consuming wild animals as meals, including nonhuman primates.

Distant oneself from infected people:

Marburg virus,How marburg virus transmit,How to prevent marburg virus,HOW TO AVOID CONTRACTING THE MARBURG VIRUS,how to prevent yourself from marburg virus

This is directed specifically to health practitioners who are charged with catering to the virus victims. They should try as much to avoid contact with the infected person’s body fluid and tissues, including blood, saliva, vaginal secretions, etc.

Also avoid the person’s clothing, bedding, or other items that the victim has had contact with. Marburg or Ebola patients are very contagious in the later stages of the disease.

And lastly,

Follow infection and control procedures:

Health worker in protective outfit
As a health worker, always put on personal protective equipment that covers all parts of your body. Keep people who have viruses away from others.


Most of Marburg’s infection symptoms are similar to that of other infectious diseases like malaria, typhoid fever, etc, therefore, making its diagnosis complex specifically if it is a case of one person.

However, if the early symptoms of the virus is been exhibit by a patient and there is evidence to believe that said infection is the Marburg virus, the infected victim should be isolated from others and ensure that the necessary health practitioners are informed.

Samples from the patient can then be gotten and tested to confirm the infection. Polymerase chain reaction (PCR), and IgM-capture ELISA can be used to confirm cases of Marburg virus a few days after symptom onset.

Isolation of the patient can also be done but in a high containment laboratory with quality laboratory practitioners.


Signs and symptoms of the virus often come suddenly and steadily, become increasingly severe. Just like its counterpart Ebola, Marburg virus disease causes hemorrhaging that lad to shock, organ failure or even death.

Below are some basic symptoms of the virus:

Fever: fever is the very sign of the Marburg virus. This often begins with a rise in body temperature and henceforth extends to become an extraordinary infection in the body system.

Malaise: this is a general feeling of discomfort or unease which the causes of this unrest cant be actually identified by the victim or some health practitioners.

Body aches and headache: a victim of the Marburg virus tend to experience body aches where the body itches him/her severely which will therefore amount to headache.

Lethargy: at this juncture, the general body became weak and hence couldn’t carry out its function properly.

Neurological changes like confusion, seizure, and delirium

Bleeding: This starts typically 4 – 8 days after symptoms start

Organ failure: This is the failure of an essential system in the body

In most cases, the signs appear about a week after an individual is infected with the virus, but may return back after two to three weeks.

Marburg virus is a very terrible infection as 23 to 90 percent of people the contacted the virus lost their life.

Read more on the signs and symptoms of Marburg Virus here

Treatment Marburg Virus

Center for Disease Control (CDC) asserts that there is no cure currently for the Marburg virus. As such, healthcare providers treat the disease by managing the symptoms and doing what they have to do to avoid further complications or death.

In as much as Marburg is said to be very deadly and dangerous, it should be noted that it’s extremely rare to contact.

Despite this, whenever you are making plans for a journey to animals dominated area where an animal that hosts the virus is common, you have to be extra careful to avoid contracting the virus.

If you come in contact with animals or people who might be infected with the virus and you begin to experience any of the signs listed above, talk to a doctor as soon as possible.

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