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Anyone can be a victim of smelly feet. It is often caused by sweaty feet gotten from putting on the same shoe everyday for long period of time.

However, teenagers and pregnant women are said to be more vulnerable to the problem because as they under go hormonal changes, they will definitely sweat the more.

As reported by the institute for preventive foot health, it revealed that an estimated 16 percent of adults aged 21 and above are often caught with foot odour.

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Therefore, it advisable for anyone at the range of this age specifically should constantly examine their foot regularly.

This can be done by placing a mirror on the floor to survey the bottom of their feet for any abnormalities.

Should incase that there is a signs of injury, he or she should endeavor to seek for medical attention or try as much as possible to get rid of the injury as it may result to smelly feet if it’s there for a long time.

Unfortunately if an individual smelly feet or rather excessive sweating feetr cannot be curbed after trying home remedies or medical prescription that are meant to curtail the problem, he or she should not think of him or herself to be inferior to others or rather feel self conscious due to their smelly feet.

Causes of smelly feet

Treatment for smelly feet and how to prevent it

While the case of people that do experience smelly foot is very minimal, there are also people who are not comfortable taking of their shoes.

This in turn may lead to the smelly feet
The medical term for smelly feet is called bromodosis and it is been caused by several factors while the major causes are; excessive sweats on the feet and bacteria.

Below are some key facts on the causes of the smelly feet.

  • The basic reason for smelly feet cases is bacteria and moisture
  • Smelly feet are not usually medical problem, they can affect a person’s relationships with others and also can cause self consciousness
  • As the bacteria rid themselves of wastes from breaking down oils and dead skin cells, it result to bad or unpleasant smells from the feet
  • Socks and shoes can lead to foot sweating which will in turn lead to smelly feet.

Treatment for smelly feet

The good thing is, getting treatment for unpleasant odour from the feet is easy and it can be treated right at the comfort zone of its victim.

Its only on rare cases that the treatment are subjected to medical attention. In most cases, brodomosis are treated with home remedies.

Tips to treat or prevent smelly feets at home

  • Wash your feet with antibacterial soap once a day
  • Dry your feet very well whenever they are wet especially the lines between your toes
  • Do not put the same shoes for 2-3 days in a row
  • Always change your socks at least once a day
  • Always keep your toenails short and clean
  • To prevent sweaty feet, try the following
  • Use spray fragrance on your feet
  • Put medicated insoles, which have a deodorizing effect, in your shoes
  • Often put foot powder to absorb the sweats (as advised by health professional)
  • Try socks meant for keeping feet dried
    Always put on leather or canvas shoes. They let your feet refresh air unlike plastic ones

Medical treatment of smelly feet

Treatment for smelly feet and how to prevent it

Unfortunately, home remedies may fail to curb smelly feet thereby rendering your effort in vain. In this case, it is advisable to see a doctor for medical treatment on the problem.

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Below are the two major treatment that are usually given to the victim of smelly feet


Iontophoresis deliver a mild electric current through water to your feet to fight excessive sweating


Botox is simply an injection that will be injected into the feet. Although, this injection is very painful and its result is not permanent.

It is active for 3-5 months and you will be required to renew it again.

smelly feet are harmless. They does not bring any form of pain. However, sometimes, it maybe a medical condition which need medical attention
If all effort to curtail your smelly feet are not working, you can go ahead to see your doctor.

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Your doctor can proffer a strong prescription antiperspirant or subject you to any of the aforementioned health treatment of the disease.